Dinh Tung


    Gouskov A. M., Guskov M. A., Tung D. D., Panovko G. Y.
    This work presents nonlinear dynamics modeling results for an investigation of continuous cut stability in multicutter turning. The dynamics modeling of the multicutter turning process is carried out through the complete mathematical model of nonlinear dynamics. The dynamic stability of the system is estimated through the possibility of self-oscillations generation (Poincaré – Andronov –Hopf bifurcation) of the cutters with lobes of the stability diagram. This paper analyzes the relationship of the axial offset and the cutter angular position for compensation of the system parameters. As a result, the analysis of the influence of the technological system parameters on the chip thickness, their cross-sectional shape and the stability of the system is carried out.
    Keywords: multicutter turning, dynamics, modeling, bifurcation analysis, steady cutting stability conditions
    Citation: Gouskov A. M., Guskov M. A., Tung D. D., Panovko G. Y.,  Nonlinear Regenerative Dynamics Analysis of the Multicutter Turning Process, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2019, Vol. 15, no. 2, pp.  145-158

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