Artem Nikishov

    Mokhovaya 11-7, Moscow, 125009, Russia
    The Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics RAS


    Dmitriev A. S., Dmitriev A. S., Nikishov A. Y., Panas A. I.
    Chaotic oscillator based on CMOS structure is proposed, fabricated and investigated. Monolithic IC сhip of the oscillator is fabricated in 0.18 um process technology. As is shown, the transition to chaos in this system occurs through destruction of 2D torus. In experiments with the IC, stable generation of chaotic oscillations is observed, with spectral density maximum in the range 2.8–3.8GHz.
    Keywords: chaotic oscillations generation, chaotic systems, CMOS structures, bifurcations
    Citation: Dmitriev A. S., Dmitriev A. S., Nikishov A. Y., Panas A. I.,  Generation of microwave chaotic oscillations in CMOS structure, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2010, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp.  159-167

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