Soheil Salahshour


    Hosseini K., Mirzazadeh M., Dehingia K., Das A., Salahshour S.
    In the present paper, the authors are interested in studying a famous nonlinear PDE referred to as the $(2 + 1)$-dimensional chiral Schrцdinger (2D-CS) equation with applications in mathematical physics. In this respect, the real and imaginary portions of the 2D-CS equation are firstly derived through a traveling wave transformation. Different wave structures of the 2D-CS equation, classified as bright and dark solitons, are then retrieved using the modified Kudryashov (MK) method and the symbolic computation package. In the end, the dynamics of soliton solutions is investigated formally by representing a series of 3D-plots.
    Keywords: $(2 + 1)$-dimensional chiral Schrödinger equation, traveling wave transformation, modified Kudryashov method, different wave structures
    Citation: Hosseini K., Mirzazadeh M., Dehingia K., Das A., Salahshour S.,  A Study of Different Wave Structures of the $(2 + 1)$-dimensional Chiral Schrödinger Equation, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2022, Vol. 18, no. 2, pp.  231-241

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