Sergey Kaskov

    ul. 2-ya Baumanskaya 5, 1, Moscow, 105005 Russia
    Bauman Moscow State Technical University


    Kaskov S. I.
    This paper presents the results of numerical investigation, calculation analysis and experimental study of heat exchange in a system of plane-parallel channels formed by rectangular fins, which are applied in a heat removal device using heat tubes for power semiconductor energy converters. Passive cooling (heat removal by radiation and natural convection) and active cooling (heat removal by radiation and forced convection) are investigated for various velocities of air cooling of fins by spherical vortex generators applied to its surface. A comparative analysis of the results is carried out for the average effective heat removal resistance and for the average temperature at the ends of the fins. The application of numerical modeling to solve such problems confirms the effectiveness of computational technologies. The difference between the results of the study ranges from 10 to 16% depending on the airflow rate.
    Keywords: vortex enhancement, heat transfer, cooling of power electronics
    Citation: Kaskov S. I.,  Calculation and Experimental Study of Heat Exchange in a System of Plane-Parallel Channels with Surface Intensifiers, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2021, Vol. 17, no. 2, pp.  211-220

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