Dmitry Devitt

    ul. Universitetskaya 1, Innopolis, 420500 Russia
    Center for Technologies in Robotics and Mechatronics Components, Innopolis University


    Kulathunga G., Devitt D., Fedorenko R., Klimchik A. S.
    Any obstacle-free path planning algorithm, in general, gives a sequence of waypoints that connect start and goal positions by a sequence of straight lines, which does not ensure the smoothness and the dynamic feasibility to maneuver the MAV. Kinodynamic-based motion planning is one of the ways to impose dynamic feasibility in planning. However, kinodynamic motion planning is not an optimal solution due to high computational demands for real-time applications. Thus, we explore path planning followed by kinodynamic smoothing while ensuring the dynamic feasibility of MAV. The main difference in the proposed technique is not to use kinodynamic planning when finding a feasible path, but rather to apply kinodynamic smoothing along the obtained feasible path. We have chosen a geometric-based path planning algorithm “RRT*” as the path finding algorithm. In the proposed technique, we modified the original RRT* introducing an adaptive search space and a steering function that helps to increase the consistency of the planner. Moreover, we propose a multiple RRT* that generates a set of desired paths. The optimal path from the generated paths is selected based on a cost function. Afterwards, we apply kinodynamic smoothing that will result in a dynamically feasible as well as obstacle-free path. Thereafter, a b-spline-based trajectory is generated to maneuver the vehicle autonomously in unknown environments. Finally, we have tested the proposed technique in various simulated environments. According to the experiment results, we were able to speed up the path planning task by 1.3 times when using the proposed multiple RRT* over the original RRT*.
    Keywords: RRT*, iLQR, B-spline, OctoMap, ellipsoidal search space
    Citation: Kulathunga G., Devitt D., Fedorenko R., Klimchik A. S.,  Path Planning Followed by Kinodynamic Smoothing for Multirotor Aerial Vehicles (MAVs), Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2021, Vol. 17, no. 4, pp.  491-505

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