Generalized Chaplygin’s transformation and explicit integration of a system with a spherical support

    2011, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp.  313-338

    Author(s): Borisov A. V., Kilin A. A., Mamaev I. S.

    We consider the problem of explicit integration and bifurcation analysis for two systems of nonholonomic mechanics. The first one is the Chaplygin’s problem on no-slip rolling of a balanced dynamically non-symmetrical ball on a horizontal plane. The second problem is on the motion of rigid body in a spherical support. We explicitly integrate this problem by generalizing the transformation which Chaplygin applied to the integration of the problem of the rolling ball at a non-zero constant of areas. We consider the geometric interpretation of this transformation from the viewpoint of a trajectory isomorphism between two systems at different levels of the energy integral. Generalization of this transformation for the case of dynamics in a spherical support allows us to integrate the equations of motion explicitly in quadratures and, in addition, to indicate periodic solutions and analyze their stability. We also show that adding a gyrostat does not lead to the loss of integrability.
    Keywords: nonholonomic mechanics, spherical support, Chaplygin ball, explicit integration, isomorphism, bifurcation analysis
    Citation: Borisov A. V., Kilin A. A., Mamaev I. S., Generalized Chaplygin’s transformation and explicit integration of a system with a spherical support, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2011, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp.  313-338

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