Phase topology of the Kowalevski–Sokolov top

    Received 26 April 2015

    2015, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp.  287-317

    Author(s): Ryabov P. E., Savushkin A. Y.

    The phase topology of the integrable Hamiltonian system on $e(3)$ found by V. V. Sokolov (2001) and generalizing the Kowalevski case is investigated. The generalization contains, along with a homogeneous potential force field, gyroscopic forces depending on the configurational variables. Relative equilibria are classified, their type is calculated and the character of stability is defined. The Smale diagrams of the case are found and the classification of iso-energy manifolds of the reduced systems with two degrees of freedom is given. The set of critical points of the complete momentum map is represented as a union of critical subsystems; each critical subsystem is a oneparameter family of almost Hamiltonian systems with one degree of freedom. For all critical points we explicitly calculate the characteristic values defining their type. We obtain the equations of the surfaces bearing the bifurcation diagram of the momentum map. We give examples of the existing iso-energy diagrams with a complete description of the corresponding rough topology (of the regular Liouville tori and their bifurcations).
    Keywords: integrable Hamiltonian systems, relative equilibria, iso-energy surfaces, critical subsystems, bifurcation diagrams, rough topology
    Citation: Ryabov P. E., Savushkin A. Y., Phase topology of the Kowalevski–Sokolov top, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2015, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp.  287-317

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