The Study of Wave Propagation in a Shell with Soft Nonlinearity and with a Viscous Liquid Inside

    Received 10 April 2019

    2019, Vol. 15, no. 3, pp.  233-250

    Author(s): Mogilevich L., Ivanov S.

    This article is devoted to studying longitudinal deformation waves in physically nonlinear elastic shells with a viscous incompressible fluid inside them. The impact of construction damping on deformation waves in longitudinal and normal directions in a shell, and in the presence of surrounding medium are considered.
    The presence of a viscous incompressible fluid inside the shell and the impact of fluid movement inertia on the wave velocity and amplitude are taken into consideration. In the case of a shell filled with a viscous incompressible fluid, it is impossible to study deformation wave models by qualitative analysis methods. This makes it necessary to apply numerical methods. The numerical study of the constructed model is carried out by means of a difference scheme analogous to the Crank – Nickolson scheme for the heat conduction equation. The amplitude and velocity do not change in the absence of surrounding medium impact, construction damping in longitudinal and normal directions, as well as in the absence of fluid impact. The movement occurs in the negative direction, which means that the movement velocity is subsonic. The numerical experiment results coincide with the exact solution, therefore, the difference scheme and the modified Korteweg – de Vries – Burgers equation are adequate.
    Keywords: nonlinear waves, elastic cylinder shell, viscous incompressible fluid, Crank – Nickolson difference scheme
    Citation: Mogilevich L., Ivanov S., The Study of Wave Propagation in a Shell with Soft Nonlinearity and with a Viscous Liquid Inside, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2019, Vol. 15, no. 3, pp.  233-250

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