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    Ilya Maglevanny

    prosp. V.I. Lenina 27, Volgograd, 400066 Russia
    Volgograd State Pedagogical University


    Maglevanny I. I., Smolar V. A., Karyakina T. I.
    In this paper, we consider the activation processes in a nonlinear bistable system based on a lateral (quasi-two-dimensional) superlattice and study the dynamics of such a system externally driven by a harmonic force. The internal control parameters are the longitudinal applied electric field and the sample temperature. The spontaneous transverse electric field is considered as an order parameter. The forced violations of the order parameter are considered as a response of a system to periodic driving. We investigate the cooperative effects of self-organization and harmonic forcing from the viewpoint of catastrophe theory. Complex nonlinear behaviors including the energetic activation barrier or, more generally, a form of threshold leading to forced bifurcations of dc components of output response accompanied by enhancement of its odd harmonic components were discovered in limited narrow ranges of the control parameters space through numerical simulations. We observed the resonant behaviors of spectral amplification coefficient which is maximized when control parameters are tuned near the critical values of synergetic potential.
    Keywords: lateral superlattices, applied electric field, spontaneous transverse electric field, nonequilibrium phase transitions, synergetic potential, forced bifurcations, resonant enhancement
    Citation: Maglevanny I. I., Smolar V. A., Karyakina T. I.,  Weak Signals Amplification Through Controlled Bifurcations in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electron Gas, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2018, Vol. 14, no. 4, pp.  453-472

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