Jhon Vidarte


    Alvarez-Ramirez M., García A., Vidarte J.
    This article deals with the autonomous two-degree-of-freedom Hamiltonian system with Armbruster – Guckenheimer – Kim galactic potential in 1:1 resonance depending on two parameters. We detect periodic solutions and KAM 2-tori arising from linearly stable periodic solutions not found in earlier papers. These are established by using reduction, normalization, averaging and KAM techniques.
    Keywords: galactic potential, Hamiltonian system, normalization and reduction, KAM tori, reduced space, periodic orbits
    Citation: Alvarez-Ramirez M., García A., Vidarte J.,  Armbruster – Guckenheimer – Kim Hamiltonian System in 1:1 Resonance, Rus. J. Nonlin. Dyn., 2021, Vol. 17, no. 1, pp.  59-76

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